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Panorama 4-chamber profile system

Windows of PANORAMA profile (4 – chamber) are the best solution at an affordable price. Technical data of systems provide sufficient heat-shielding, soundproof and strength properties for long use of windows in any rooms.


The number of chambers                                   4

Mounting width, мм                                           58

Wall thickness,                                                    2.7 mm

Glass thickness, mm                                          5-6 / 24/32

Thermal resistance,                                           C / W * 0 0.804 m2

Height of frame / leaf,                                       79 mm

Overlapping of frame frame /leaf,                  8 mm

Shape of glazing bead,                                       classic

Colour of sealing,                                                gray

Profile provides sufficient heat-shielding, soundproof of windows and strength of he window for long use in any rooms.

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