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KBE Optima

The system KBE 70 QT is a window 5-chamber system with width of 70 mm.

Due to its construction depth, good constructive arrangement of internal chambers and two sealing circuits, the system KBE 70 QT has high heat and sound proof properties: thermal resistance Ro = 0,80 m2 ° C / W and soundproofing around 45 dB.

The system KBE 70 QT also has the following additional advantages:

  • deepening of mortise in furniture to 13 mm provides optimum protection against break-ins;
  • multi-profile design allows you to place the amplifier in accordance with the requirements of statics;
  • double sealing makes it easy to keep windows clean and protects against moisture;
  • rounded and elegant profile sides of white colour perfectly suit to sealing of classic black colour or light gray;
  • greenline and lead-free technology using safe stabilizers based on calcium and zinc allows up to 10 cycles of profile recycling.

Specifications of KBE 70 QT:

  • Mounting width – 70 mm
  • The maximum width of the insulting glass unit – 40 mm
  • The number of chambers of profile – 5
  • The maximum size of the leaf of window – 150 cm x 150 cm
  • The maximum size of the leaf of balcony door – 100 cm x 235 cm
  • Long-life (approximate period) – more than 40 years
  • Environmental friendliness: greenline (without lead!)
  • Colour of standard sealing: black, gray
  • Elegant design with visible rounded edges.

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