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KBE Classic

Nowadays, windows of KBE 58 profile are considered to be classics of reinforced plastic windows.

Practicality of KBE 58 leaves no doubt. Install windows of KBE 58 profile instead of the old timber ones and you will feel the difference. Windows of KBE 58 profile are significantly better than old timber windows on all basic specifications.

  • Profile does not change its specifications under the sun, it doesn’t become yellow and is not deformed, it has a nice shine and silky surface.
  • Profile does not absorb moisture, does not crack and need painting, easy to clean.
  • The long-life of PVC structures of KBE 58 profile is 40 years. During this period windows keep all their specifications!

The technology, perfected over the years.

Manufacturing technology allows to adjust frames to correct size. This is an additional guarantee that all properties of your new windows will be fulfilled and saved for long time. The universal system allows you to produce as windows and doors. KBE 58 system is an ideal variant for glazing balcony set.

Specifications of KBE 58:

  • Mounting width – 58 mm
  • The maximum width of the insulting glass unit – 32 mm
  • The number of chambers of profile – 3
  • The maximum size of the leaf of window – 150 cm x 150 cm
  • The maximum size of the leaf of balcony door – 90 cm x 235 cm
  • Thermal resistance of profile, R0 = 0,62 m2 ° C / W
  • Long-life (approximate period) – more than 40 years
  • Environmental friendliness: greenline (without lead!)
  • Colour of standard sealing: black
  • Strict classic design.

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