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G-U (GRETSCH-UNITAS) is a high-quality German furniture manufacturer with centenary experience.
We offer you the system for windows with visible hinges UNI-JET. This is a mechanism of central locking with mushroom-shaped pins of self-regulation. This unique system is suitable for all types of constructions such as metal, aluminum or wooden windows and doors.

Optimal corrosion protection due to coating ferGUard * siber. The test results showed that corrosion started only after 576 hours in saturated brine.


This qualitative German furniture has several advantages:

There is a possibility of additional equipment. The security level is set with different locking bars which can be replaced for better anytime.

Capacity of carrier level of hinges and upper support – 130 kg.
Self-regulated steel mushroom-shaped pins.


Locking device of false opening and microlift in one element.
Tilt and turn scissors for micro airing.
Scissors have increased security in a tilt position.
A wide range for all necessary adjustments.
Improved design: hinges and hardware are at the same level.
All hardware elements are of the same color.

Moreover, furniture G-U – is the first one in Ukraine with

hidden hinges. gu_bez_furnituri4This offers several advantages: no visible hardware details, you do not need to processing profiles frame, a large open space of window, three-dimensional adjustment of angles, easy installation by one person.

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