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Door accessories

Hardware are important elements for any reinforced-plastic structure. It provides the reliability and functionality of a particular structure. Any window or door cannot do without locks, hinges. All these elements are necessary in order to be able to air a room and provide close fitting of doors. You should choose high-quality furniture to make your doors serve longer.

Reinforced plastic doors are perfect for rooms, balconies, offices. Especially doors became popular when hardware became available and easily replaceable. In reinforced-plastic products can be used various types of locks: one lock; transom with special roller screws; special multi-lock with operating key. You should not choose locks for reinforced plastic products apart but handles should be chosen extra. Handles can be standard, as well as of different shapes and sizes. To install the balcony door it is used one-sided handles and for rooms – two-sided handles. Also use the circular mode for installed lock. These handles are semi-circular mechanism that allows not only close but also helps to air a room slightly.

Hardware is divided into several types due to its features and use:

  • turn type;
  • tilt;
  • tilt and turn.

Also furniture may have additional features: mechanism against break-ins with the possibility to air the room; with an extra element of restraint sagging of the leaf; child proof lock; stoppers that prevent falling out while opening reinforced-plastic structures.


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