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There are no minor details in window units. Minimum drawback in any construction leads to disruption of the main functionability of the window. Lifetime of windows in many cases depends on the quality of accessories.

Accessories of plastic windows are called all mechanisms of complete window system: handles, hinges, brackets, rods, latches, anti-theft systems, elements for opening and closing the window in different modes. Window mechanism contains four or more points of locking and control with one handle. Hardware ensures tight closing a reinforced-plastic window.

Installation of a cheap hardware leads to drafts between the window leaf and frame and loosening of loops. Cheap furniture mainly made of soft metal and only for short-time. Accessories are selected by the manufacturer of window designs.

Trade label Panorama works with accessories of German company Gretsch-Unitas GmbH (hereinafter G-U) and Turkish ACCADO.

Gretsch-Unitas GmbH is one of the largest manufactures and was founded in 1907. It was a small workshop near the city of Stuttgart in Germany. Today it is one of the leading manufacturer a window accessories. Individual and reliable solutions, service of G-U products have success all over the world.

Advantages of accessories G-U:

– Optimal corrosion protection due to coating ferGUard * siber. The test results showed that white corrosion started only after 576 hours in saturated brine;

– It is possible to retrofit through various locking bars;
– A wide range of all necessary regulations;

– The actual design;

– The level of load capacity of hinges and upper support – 130 kg (standard);

– Self-regulatory mushroom-shaped pins (standard);

– Blocker of incorrect opening and microlift compatibility;

– Improved hinge design, the hinges and hardware are supported with window leaf on one level;

– A new lubrication system makes sliding of parts easier;

– tilt and turn scissors of the accessories are equipped with airing slot;

– In a position of tilting, the scissors have increased safety;

– In G-U accessories of all details have the same color.

Accessories ACCADO is the other development of international concern Ado Group, which is known all over the world as the owner of the brand Wintech. The main advantage of this hardware is product quality, reliability and ease of use. Moreover, it should be noted the following advantages and differences of accessories ACCADO:

-all the elements of accessories are universal and can be used on the left and right opening;

– roller hooks ensure smoothness of the whole mechanism, decrease the wear of bars and pins during operation, increasing the service life of accessories;

-function micro airing (winter airing), provides fresh air into the room with absolutely no draft;

-Easy assembly of accessories, high speed installation;

– The lower loop is adjustable in three dimensions (+3, +2, +1 mm), including for pressing and provides maximum tightness of windows;

– A blocker wrong opening, made of metal, which ensures its reliability and long-life. In a tilt position mechanism distributes the load among a group of loops and provides easy use for a long service life;

– Control of pressing around the window perimeter (0.8 mm);

– Intensified loops that can withstand the weight of leaf up to 130 kg.

-Completing of espagnolette leaf with central drive is the best solution for double leaf windows.

The company has received many certificates, including an international certificate ISO 9001: 2000 during its work. In addition, accessories ACCADO are certified in Germany and received a certificate of RAL.

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