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Windowsills are constructive parts of the window that serves as protection against the penetration of cold and moisture and modern, aesthetic, decorative elements of the interior. It provides a complete look of window. Windowsills also increase the thickness of the air thermal layer of windows.

Trade label Panorama offers windowsills of different types, which differ in price, long-life and service period.

Windowsills OPEN TECK (Ukraine) are made in width from 100 mm to 700 mm in increments of 50 mm. High quality products and materials used in manufacture, competitive and affordable prices – the main advantages of OPEN TECK. Stiffness of ribs and the surface of the windowsill ensure durability and resistance to mechanical damage. Lamination films of high quality have strength and resistance for sun damage. Lamination films faux marble, wood with textured surface with a perfect look. Easy use and easy care led to their wide use in rooms of various types.

Windowsills «Crystalit» (Kristalit) with premium gloss acrylic coating are produced in Latvia of high quality and environmentally friendly materials that meet the European standards. High-strength structure with thick walls and ribs, developed by German experts. Windowsills are made of two main components:

  • basic part of windowsills are made of hard PVC, which withstand loads due to the structure of high-strength (pressure, bending, impact, etc.);
  • decorative covering – laminated acrylic coating Elesgo (Germany). Final coating is a protective film of thickness 65 microns, which is removed after maintenance work. Kristalit has a standard front free edge that differs it from competitors in this field. Environmentally friendly (without lead and formaldehyde) and was created due to the technology “bioconsept.” The period of validity is unlimited.

Windowsills Danke (Danke) – a collection of premium plastic windowsills that have several important features for customers. Windowsills are produced at the Danke plant in Odessa. German equipment and German engineers at the plant, who monitor quality, and German raw materials guarantee European product quality. Windowsills, made in Odessa, are often bought in Europe because of high quality and quite democratic prices. The plant Danke offers its customers a wide selection of windowsills that fit perfectly into any interior. Imitation faux wood, stone, granite and wide range of coating colors Elesgo provide opportunities to use windowsills Danke. All products of Danke are environmentally friendly and does not bear any harm to human health.

At the heart of windowsills is a unique interior part of ribs, making it harder and the form of front free edge is the most popular among marble windowsills. The weight of windowsills Danke (Danke) is quite small. Windowsills are resistant to scratches, moisture, compression, deformation, bending and material shrinkage.

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