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Insect screen kit

Window insect screen kit of  frame type.

івапроьбSetting reinforced plastic windows, first of all, you will provide your house warm and cozy silence. When the window is open, in the first place raises the question of protection the room against insects that try to fly into the room through the window. This issue is relevant in the warm seasons, when the streets are full of insects. For this purpose window systems are protected with insect screen kits (fly netting).
Trade label Panorama offers insect screen kits. The main advantage of this kits is simplicity in daily life. Protective fly netting is mounted on a frame which subsequently attached to the plastic frame of windows. These nets do not require special care. Great demand for fly netting, apparently caused by their low price. To provide the appropriate tension of net, there is an additional rack in the middle of the frame. Cell size of fly netting is less than 99% of existing insects, but such a little size no effect on the visibility and beams of light.

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