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The Company Panorama together with VEKA Professional continues training course for its partners.

On February 22, 2013 it was held a technical seminar for installers and Zamerschiki on “Skill measuring and installation of IBS.”

The seminar focused on improvement of service quality of customers and promotion of airtight so-called “warm” installation of plastic windows and doors of Panorama, a window plant.


The following issues has been examined during the training:

  • loads on installed plastic windows and doors;
  • which fixing materials should be used in different types of buildings;
  • how to place fixing materials;
  • what fasteners should be used depending on the type of constructions;
  • how to isolate and air-proof field welds;
  • basic requirements and specifics of measurement.

Mr.Butkalyuk Yuriy, a technical engineer of VEKA company, also introduced the range of assortment, technical features and benefits of products of Panorama, a window company, with specialized systems Veka, focusing on high quality, long-life and broad technical capabilities at the glazing of buildings and other constructions. Especially for gagers and installers, it was performed guidelines, which includes theoretical part and practical illustrative examples and recommendations that can be used in everyday work.

Trade label Panorama will conduct workshops for its partners on the warm installation to consolidate the theoretical material.

We are sure, nowadays, energy saving is not just economically important but immediate demand. A practical knowledge on benefits of high-quality products and air-proof installation, which offers the company Panorama, will significantly increase the level of skills, and also to use the skills in everyday work.


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