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Coloured window


A unique offer of the trade label Panorama – windows of your favorite color that’s a technology of Swiss company FEYCO AG on coating PVC windows, which have no analogues in the world.

Company Feyco is a leading Swiss ecological industrial paint, which is widely known in the world market more than 100 years. Components and furniture, window and door profiles, window sills, which are made of metal, aluminum, PVC are covered with it.

Painting technology can be used to create unusual design styles. Coatings can be used for internal, external and face sides. The various elements of one product can be painted in different colors. FEYCO AG covering may be used in combination with lamination.

Colored protection coatings FEYCO AG has the following advantages:

color1– More than 2,000 color options on ranges RAL and NCS;

– Wide range of patterns coatings: color1

  • tree;
  • glossiness;
  • mate;
  • metallic;
  • pearl;


– The possibility of restoration and replacing colors without dismantling;

– have UV protection;

– Increase the lifetime of the window;

– Long life for 50 years;

– Antistatic properties, easy to clean.

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