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Security shutters or as they are called blinds are popular and protect windows and doors. Also security shutters can be used as a garage doors.

Download manual of installation of shutters

Options for installing of security shutters:

  • Exterior security shutters installed on a slot
  • Interior security shutters installed in a slot
  • Security shutters with built-in (decorative) box of SB-1 series
  • Rolling garage doors

0015At the  window embrasure – rollers are mounted on a wall facade. In this sample, shutter box is located above the slot and does not cover it that’s why it is convenient in almost any conditions. It is necessary to pay attention to that at the top of the case can gather snow and water that may leak through the facade under the shutters. Shutters can be controlled both outside and inside.


 In the window embrasure – it is also very common variant of shutters installation. Shutters are installed close to the window frame. Shutter box may close the top part of the window, in this case the box looks inside the room through the window glass. It has good acoustic and thermal insulation and high protection of break-ins. Shutters can be controlled both outside and inside.


0012Built-in decorative box – Shutter box of series SB-1 is “invisible” box hidden in a niche of a window embrasure or door embrasure. This option requires coordination during building. This option can be used by applying built-in shutter box of SB-1 series. Build-in boxes have five sizes: SB-I / 137, 150, 165, 180 and 205 mm. The color range of boxes has six of the most common colors. Roller shutter systems ALUTECH with built-in boxes decorate the house, provide design to a new level!


Installation of roller shutters with built-in box.
Built-in decorative shutter box.
  • Manual control – cassette (stacker inertial) cartridge handle (stacker gear), spring-inertial mechanism. For locking shutters, it is used a lock key or automatic lock (automatic locking device).
    Automatic control is suitable for detached houses, offices and buildings with lots of windows.
  • We use automatic leading manufacturers «SOMFY» and «NICE» to control protective shutters. One click automatically opens or closes one or more shutters in a room, a floor or the whole house as you wish. Let the sun light up your bedroom in the morning, open the shutters, not getting out of bed. Remote radio control is safe and comfortable. Shutters can be opened and closed at any time. Timers open shutter systems in the morning and close them at dusk. They provide access of the sun to flowers and plants inside the house, create immersive of owners. If it is necessary, the shutters can be lowered when a strong wind or rain. They will protect your windows from dust and water.

Rolling garage doors

Protective shutters can be used as garage doors too. In this case, for rolling garage doors are used harder profiles and electric drive with remote control. Also, in the absence of electric power it provides disaster recovery. Rollers are recommended for the garage, which is located inside the yard.


Decorative box for roller shutters

There are extruded decorative boxes for shutters except of standard solutions. Decorative boxes exist in two versions: a semicircular and round. Semicircular and round boxes look very elegant and can fit in even the most luxurious interior.

0098 0097 0096


Samples of colors of protective shutters:

There are exclusive color feux wood except standard colors of protective shutters. They are beautiful, perfectly combined with elements of the facade, made of wood or materials feux wood. Colors of rolled profiles and accessories feux wood are maximum close to the colors of Renolit film (used for lamination of window and door profiles, building structures, window sills), and the garage system ALUTECH. Colors such as Golden Oak, Irish Oak, Cherry and Walnut perfectly imitate the texture of natural wood, endowing the building elements of exclusivity and prestige. If you need a unique color option, in this case shutters may be painted in any shade due to the scale RAL or apply a texture feux natural wood.

shutters Golden Oak shutters Walnut shutters Cherry shutters Irish Oak
Golden Oak Walnut Cherry Irish Oak


Samples of shutter colors


Protective shutters for detached houses and cottages

Color of shutters can be chosen depending on architectural style and colors of your house. Thus, it is a possibility to design such a fashionable today houses with wood beams. Shutters can repeat the texture of natural wood and in a closed position to merge with the facade. And it is necessary to dilute the “tree” with “green moss” and you get a perfect harmony with nature and the landscape. If you are a fan of the classics, than choose shutters of pastel colors such as cream shutters and they will look very elegant. House with red brick perfectly will be enhanced with shutters of color ruby ​​red. Also shutters can serve as a striking element of decoration that follows, for example, color of roof – red, green or blue. The important stylistic role plays a color of roller system framing. It is not always necessary to follow the classic embodiment of architectural design, selecting a color for this part of the construction according to the color shutters or facade. Yes, you can choose the color of frame to match the roof and the color of shutters to the facade the house. In this case, brown roof, for example, match to the brown frame and beige walls give the impression of a single array.

Protective shutters for office

Is your office on the main street of the city or in the historical part of it and you want to install shutters? Everything is possible! Thank for a special system offer to mount shutter box inside the window embrasure – the entire structure of protective shutters integrate into the exterior of any building. This idea is particularly important for historical city areas where installation of such systems was not allowed. Now it’s just a choice of shutter colors. In the classic version, it is recommended to use a monochromatic range: to the red brick facade are suitable protective shutters of ruby ​​red, to pastel colors of a facade match cream color or beige shutters. Color of protective shutters can be matched to the closest color of major architectural elements. You can choose the color of the shutters according to brand corporate colors of your company, for example, a box and shutters of silver metallic color and basic of sky-blue or ruby red. If your office is in a modern building or in a building of hi-tech style, the perfect solution would be to install protective shutters of aluminum anodized profiles with noble brushed metal texture.

Protective shutters for shops and boutiques, shopping center and hall, bar and restaurant

A beautiful design element is alternating colored slats in rolling shutters, like white and sky-blue, brown and ivory. This solution significantly increases the number of possible design options. In such combinations it is easily to create corporate colors of your company, emphasize the important components of the decor, to do shop, shopping center, restaurant visually attractive place even at a time when they are closed to visitors. If you decide to install shutters with high break-in system of the extruded profile, you can expect a variety of exclusive colors, as these rolled profiles can be painted in any of the RAL color range: sunny yellow, orange, light pink, coral red, purple, sapphire blue, olive, copper-brown, mahogany, pearl gold, pearl, purple and many other unique colors and shades that best emphasize your originality and individuality. Yo you want to makedour boutique or restaurn made in ultramodern style? Then you ideal shutters are of aluminum anodized profiles of silver, bronze, champagne, purple and other colors that are concise continuation of the overall style of the room or building.

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