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Reinforced plastic doors are made of PVC harder profile with wear-proof furniture. In addition to standard schemes of opening (swing, shear, traffic open), the door leaf can be discarded, providing airing. 90% of reinforced plastic doors are installed in the balcony sets, providing a single style with PVC windows. Also, there are models of front and interior doors front and interior doors made of PVC profiles.

PVC balcony doors

99% of customers choose reinforced plastic doors for glazing balcony. This provides a single style, the leaf has combined ways of opening, that helps to air the room discarding a leaf and to have a fixed window, reducing the price of the balcony set. Installation of PVC door is very difficult on your own, so entrust installation of reinforced plastic structures for professionals of Panorama.

PVC front doors

PVC reinforced plastic doors adorn the entrance of TRC


offices, business centers, they have good experience of safe service and high ergonomics. PVC doors are ideal for detached houses with panoramic windows on the first floor.

The main advantages of PVC door:

  • hygiene – front door is easy to clean, does not afraid of household cleaners and corrosive environment;
  • hermetically sealed – only for PVC doors multistage sealing is installed;
  • housing security – a difficult scheme of locking system reminds the the locking system of the safe box;
  • appropriate design – decent exterior appearance does not spoil any facade, you can choose imitation of natural material (lamination);
  • long-life – this profile is lighter that metal, thus increase the life of hinges and locks.

To design front doors of PVC harder profile is much more easily


because the variety of standard elements (imposts, universal fittings, windows with different numbers of chambers, designed glass). Doors are constructed at the same hardware as the reinforced plastic windows. Manufacture and installation of difficult construction are simplified, to curve arch of PVC profile is much more easily than natural wood. Front doors of PVC are usually used in the following areas:

  • pools – high moisture does not deform the profile frame;
  • boiler stations – dirt can be easily washed;
  • cellars – absolute tightness of the lower level of the building;
  • main facade – stylish with wood species ornament becomes worth of the front door;
  • conservatories – low thermal conductivity of PVC profile, pane allows you to keep warm;
  • porch – sound-proof, convenient opening, low price.

Interior PVC doors

IMG_3744The most popular interior PVC doors with a continuous or partial glazing. The original design of structures is provided with following technical solutions:
glazing bar – decorative part improves not only the design of the product, but also increases the strength, rigidity;
frosting – is produced by sandblasting and can save translucent capacity at the same time ensure privacy room (bathroom, bathroom, living room);
stained glass – is appropriate in classical and modern interiors;
PVC doors undergo compulsory certification and approved for use in pre-school institutions, clinics, etc. During the use any hazardous substances are not allocated. Additional furniture is standard – restrictors, handles, closers.

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