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Windows of your favourite colour and shades!


Requirements for the design has been changed over time. Nowadays, special attention is paid even to the most insignificant details of the interior. For example, you can select windows that perfectly fit into the interior – that is not the usual typical design of white windows but colored PVC windows, which are not only bright and eccentric, and have other benefits.

How colored PVC windows are manufactured?

Colored reinforced plastic windows are constructions with colored profiles.
PVC profiles can not be painted in a standard way, so the color can be changed in different ways:
1) lamination. In this case, reinforced plastic windows are covered with a special film made of long-lasting and resistant material, which long retains color and brightness.

2) varnishing and painting profiles with acrylic paints. Colored windows look more stylish and aesthetic comparing to typical white PVC constructions. In addition, they have long life, coating applied to the profile, achieves a high resistance to temperature fluctuations, mechanical damage and other environmental factors that may have negative influence on their appearance. These windows can be cleaned with cleaning products and coating does not suffer. As a result, opting colored windows, you get constructions with perfect appearance and good features.

Today manufacturing colored plastic windows is popular and in demand service. You only need to choose the profile and choose the color in which it needs paint. An important advantage of the colored windows is that they can fit into any decor, provided a competent selection of the right shade for your profile.

Generally, there are the following advantages of colored windows:

  • Resistance to mechanical damage.
    Paints and films used for the production of colored windows improve the sustainability of constructions to mechanical damages. The surface of these window units are less scratched, cracked and have less other damages.
  • Resistance to UV.
    Special paints are used for painting plastic windows. They will not only keep the original color, but are also resistant to UV radiation and temperature extremes. Similar features have laminated windows.
  • Long life.
    In practice, regardless of the way of manufacture (painting or lamination), colored windows are able to serve about 20 years. You will only need to update lacquer or film.
  • Resistance to temperature differences.
    Atmospheric phenomena do not harm to such windows even if the profile is painted on the outside of the building and is constantly under the rain, snow or wind.
  • Aesthetics and design.
    Colored PVC windows are very different from typical plastic counterparts because they are original, bright and unique.

What are the colors and how to change the color of windows?

Except all mentioned-above benefits of colored windows they are also aesthetic. It provided various options of colors and shades that can be selected by you at the moment of ordering. And if a few years ago there were no alternative of white plastic windows, but now you can always order profile constructions of any color.

Colors for different window designs. You can easily find bright hues and pastel tones and colors that look like wood in the catalogs of colors of our company. The wood-like color is very popular because of its practicality (such as wood tones fit almost any decor) and respectiveness. Indeed, you can distinguish the colored wood profile from standard wooden structures only at close range.

But beyond imitation of wood surfaces, there are many other colors as well as monochrome and color. If lamination limits consumer in choice of colors, then by painting profile you can choose almost any color.

Windows of Panorama, made on its own line of PVC profiles, are highly resistant to weather conditions.

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