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During installation of window construction a weather-board and a peak, made of plastic, aluminum or metal with polymeric protective coating need to be installed during installation of window construction. A weather-board serves to protect the wall at the low part of rainfall and provides a complete look of the window unit. It is also called the external windowsill. A peak is an analogue of the weather-board but at the top of the window unit.

Trade label Panorama offers plastic, aluminum and polymer (metal) weather-boards for individual order. Polymer (metal) weather-boards are made of metal sheet of 0.45 mm thickness, covered with a protective polymer layer. The protective coating is made of modern polymers. Polymer (metal) weather-boards have a great range of colors. Nowadays, polymer (metal) weather-boards are considered to have the highest servicing features and due to the proper care long-life will last 20-30 years.

Plastic weather-boards are becoming increasingly popular every year due to easy installation and affordable price, no corrosion, high moisture resistance and UV resistance, long-life and aesthetic appearance. Features of modern plastic weather-boards are not worth than metal.

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