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4th International Aluminium Technologies, Machinery and Products Trade Fair was held for the fourth time from 8th of October to 10th of October in Istanbul (Turkey) (4th International Aluminium Technology, Machinery and Products Trade Fair – ALUEXPO 2015). Main sections of the exhibition are: raw materials, semi-finished products; technologies and equipment for aluminum aluminum manufacturing;

Nowadays, the state implements measures to encourage the population to energy consumption and housing thermal modernization. In particular, the state compensates 70% of the loan amount involved in the purchase of energy efficient equipment and materials. Ukrgazbank, JSC is one of the authorized banks to implement the state program of energy efficiency. In turn, Panorama,

If it is difficult to find some time to visit our office of the window company, we suggest you to use the service of a portable office in Lviv region. The portable office is fully equipped with models of products, certificates and manager of Panorama company will tell you in details about our products, answer

  Manufacture of plastic windows, sale, delivery and installation of PVC windows, installation of windows and doors using turnkey service. Installation is conducted in compliance with all technical rules and regulations and allows to achieve excellent performance of the product in its functioning. Each customer can also get a professional advice and help in choosing

The price of PVC windows depends on the unit choice. It includes: the price of material, design and manufacturing of construction and accessories (insulating glass units, inner wall of recessed window, weatherboards, windowsills, imported furniture), also delivery and installation. Panorama, a window plant, as a manufacturer of plastic windows and doors, can guarantee its customers

Panorama, a window plant, is a modern and high-tech manufacturer of window and door constructions for glazing houses, flats, loggias, balconies, interior doors made of PVC. All products undergo multi-stage quality control at all stages of manufacture. Manufacturing of window and door constructions at the manufacturing area, delivery and installation of plastic windows on the

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